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Corporation for the Clinical Laboratory Management Association bylaws so
1991. 9. 6. Enactment (No. 1)
2005. 6. 28. Amendment (No. 14)

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Article 1 (Name)
The name of this entity "corporation for the Clinical Laboratory Management Association of the degree (the" Company ") and referred to as. The second purpose of this corporation Civil Code Article 32 pursuant to the provisions of nonprofit national public health directly related to the clinical pathology tests to improve the quality of order, inspection apparatus, equipment, reagents and test technology, on the quality control ongoing research , research, and improved diagnostic tests and at the same time medicine (clinical pathology) kkoehameu the development of professional staff in the field of clinical pathology as well as standardization of tests to establish national health promotion and health care will contribute to the purpose. .

Article 3 (Office)
This company's main offices in 28 Yeongeon-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul dumyeo by resolution of the board of directors and other necessary areas pursuant to the provisions of Civil Code Article 50 minute office can be placed.

Article 4 (type of business)
is incorporated to achieve the objective of Article 2 of the following conducts its business.
  1. Quality Assurance for Clinical Pathology tests and academic business.
  2. Improvement of management skills around clinical pathology tests development, dissemination, and education.
  3. Standardization of clinical pathology laboratory business (organizations, such as reagents and equipment, including dissemination and evaluation projects are required).
  4. International Society of Quality Control Authority, or with the technical cooperation and exchange of information required for business.
  5. For optimization of Business Administration degree in management improvement matters.
  6. More troops needed to achieve corporate business objectives.

Chapter 2 Membership

Article 5 (members)
members of the corporation's business and the purpose of this corporation to agree with the Department of Laboratory and Clinical Laboratory Worker shall be composed of specialists

Article 6 (rights and obligations of members)
  1. All members to achieve the objective of Article 2 Article 4 The rights and obligations in the business has faithfully participate.
  2. All members of this constitution and bylaws of the corporation to comply with such provisions as well as delegates to respect the General Assembly and Board of Directors Have obligations to pay the prescribed fee.

Article 7 (admission procedures)
pursuant to the provisions of Article 5 of this entity wishes to become a member on the application form submitted to the President with the approval of the Board of Directors is inducted.

Chapter 3 Officers

Article 8 (the kind of officer)
This corporation shall have the following officers.
  1. Chairman of one person
  2. Vice-two people
  3. Chairman 1 person
  4. 5 or more than 30 twenty-four (President, Vice-President included)
  5. Thank two people

Article 9 (Appointment of Officers)
  1. The officers shall be elected by the General Assembly delegates. However, arises when the vacancy of officers shall be elected by the General Assembly delegates.

Article 10 (Officers of the term).
  1. a three-year term of office of directors and may be reappointed.
  2. imwonjung elected within one month when vacancies arise, and the term of the predecessor to janimgiganeuro.
  3. When executives at least one month before his term has expired shall be elected to.

Article 11 (Duties of Officers)
  1. corporation presidents, representing the work of this entity is tonggwal.
  2. Vice-Chairman shall assist the President shall act for the job absence.
  3. Configure the Board of Directors set forth in the Constitution Article 13 jurisdiction of the Board of Directors and delegates tasks delegated by the General Assembly changes To handle.
  4. audit pursuant to the provisions of Article 67 of the civil duties to perform.

Chapter 4 Board of Directors

Article 12 (Composition)
The Board of Directors Chairman, President, Vice-President and a Director and Chairman configuration, and the chairman of two, it is convened..

Article 13 (vote)
,and then deliberate on the board, shall be decided.
  1. Matters relating to organized business plan and budget
  2. Matters relating to business performance and creating gyeolsanan
  3. Matters relating to election officers appointed and
  4. Enactment and amendment of corporate bylaws regarding operational details
  5. For delegates mandated by the General Assembly
  6. President of this entity are important operational information that is negative
  7. Matters relating to the supplemental budget hearing
  8. By other statutes or the Constitution that requires a Board of Directors information

Article 14 (meeting)
  1. Regular Board of Directors and the Board of Directors shall be classified as a temporary board of directors.
  2. convene regular meetings twice a year and the interim Board of Directors as deemed necessary by the Chairman or one third more than twenty-four When requested, it shall be convened.
  3. If you want to convene a Board meeting held seven days prior to the meeting agenda, date, time, place, and stated in writing by the each Shall give notice to the Director.

Article 15 (Opening and Quorum)
Board of Directors Except as otherwise specified in these Articles of Incorporation of the registered directors to attend the opening half, and attending directors shall be decided by majority vote.

Chapter 5 the Conference delegates

Article 16 (configuration and meeting)
  1. When the General Assembly delegates. Number of members who belong to the provinces and outside at the rate of one person every five shall be composed of delegates elected. Chairman of the delegates to the General Assembly
  2. delegates through the recommendation of the Board shall be elected by the General Assembly delegates.
  3. General Assembly delegates to regular delegates to the General Assembly and Conference of Delegates are classified as temporary.
  4. regular delegates to the General Assembly convened once a year and the interim chairman of the General Assembly as deemed necessary by the delegates or more than one third of members Or when there is a written request of the Board of Directors shall convene it.
  5. If you want to convene a general meeting of delegates held seven days prior to the meeting agenda, and written by noted Each representative shall be notified.

Article 17 (vote)
, delegate, and then deliberate on the General Assembly shall be decided.
  1. Matters relating to Constitution amendment
  2. President, Vice-President and elected officials about the details
  3. Business plans, budgets, and details regarding the approval of settlement in the
  4. Matters relating to fees collected
  5. Matters relating to acquisition and disposal of assets
  6. Resolution and disposition of remaining assets of the corporation on dissolution matters
  7. Other points on the board of directors is negative

Article 18 (Quorum)
, tthe Constitution delegates to Congress Except as otherwise specified by the attending delegates attending the opening half, and the delegates present shall be decided by majority vote.

Chapter 6 and the Codex Committee Secretariat

Article 19 (Office installation)
incorporated in the department's office for processing and then leave through the approval of Chairman of the Board, each director, manager and deputy are appointed.
  1. Secretariat
  2. Saeopguk
  3. Haksulbu
  4. Ganhaengbu
  5. Seop promote external
  6. Ministry of Information

Article 20 (Committee on the configuration).
  1. These Articles of Incorporation set forth in Chapter 1 Purpose and Content Sub-Committee to conduct business between them.l
  2. Subcommittee of the President through the resolution of the board of directors appointed and reappointed three-year term, but it can be.l
  3. Subcommittee members on the recommendation of the subcommittee appointed by the president through a term of three years, but it has to be reappointed.l

Article 21 (Organization and Operations)
jikje of this entity, organization, operations, etc. With respect to bylaws shall be determined separately.

Chapter 7 Finance and Accounting

Article 22 (financial)
This corporate finance fees, grants, donations and other receipts and accounting matters pertaining to the Bylaws shall be determined by separate.

Article 23 (Fiscal Year)
The fiscal year of this entity is given to the government fiscal year.
Article 24 (Business Plan and Budget)
This company's business plan and budget for one month before the start of each fiscal year an audit of the audit after receiving a written report to the Board and representatives of the General Assembly through resolution shall be reported to the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Article 25 (business performance and closing)
of this entity of each fiscal year's business performance and the closing of each fiscal year after two months thanks audited after the delegates of the General Assembly vote through the Secretary of Health and Human Services to shall report
Article 26 (Accounting for Income Fri processing)
Closing retained earnings of the corporation for each fiscal year by resolution of the board of directors in February for the next fiscal year, or an alternate facility should be preserved Age Cooled Boiled and the world of the next fiscal year deficit to surplus is paid.

Chapter 8 reward

Article 27 (Recognition)
is a significant contribution to the development of corporate authority or by resolution of the board of directors members are pyochanghal.

Article 28 (disciplinary)
is a member of the corporation for the following gakhang when there is activity in accordance with a resolution of the Board may discipline or jemyeonghal.
  1. Violation of medical ethics and honor of this entity when one sonsangke.
  2. This entity in violation of the Constitution and the provisions munranke medical order once, or property damage when kkichin.
  3. When you do not fulfill the obligations of membership.

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