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August 21, 1976 National Medical Center, held the inaugural meeting of the Scandinavian clubs and national health agencies at all levels of the results of clinical tests to improve sinbing also all about managing the business need for such research, education, and the International Society of Quality Control Authority, or technical cooperation and information exchange between business and the main purpose of adopting the constitution, while the first president elected 金 箕 洪 that was founded by.

Following year the founding of Seoul November 26, 1977 versus the first academic conference held in the year after the open on a regular basis, and in 2001 came to the 24th Conference gajyeoteum. Workshops from time to time in the clinical examination of sinbing management techniques for improving the extent and distribution of journals and dog inspire members' research has been the heat.

Regular journal in 1980 [Clinical Pathology and Quality Control (Clinical Pathology and Quality Control)] was the first issue of 2006, Section 28 (tonggwon # 50) leads to and is published twice each year. Also in 1992 "Quality Assurance Clinical Laboratory News> if first issue, published 4 times a year by 2000 copies are distributed to medical institutions at all levels nationwide.

September 6, 1991 from Department of Social and Health Services Incorporated is the (corporation Issue No. 147) takes into legal entities, to perform more vigorous activities and in 2006 the number of participating institutions are reaching more than 700 institutions.

Chairman of the Board that the President and Secretary configuration operations director responsible for administration of the external degree of Business Administration Clinical Chemistry Subcommittee, Committee on Clinical Microbiology, Diagnostic Hematology Subcommittee, Committee on Serological immunity. Clinical Studies Subcommittee 경 sword, blood banks, the Subcommittee, Immunoassay Subcommittee, TDM Subcommittee, Committee on congenital metabolic disorders, including diagnostic genetics subcommittee performed 10 minutes and is a professional. Also published by Public Relations Committee consists of journals and newsletters are responsible for editing and publishing business.

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