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How to join KAQACL survey program

The Association Entrance Procedure follows internal regulations.

Qualification for registration & participation for the program

Clinical laboratory performing tests for clinical specimens and, at least one or more clinical pathologist or medical technician works in the laboratory.

Entrance Procedures

  • Visit association homepage (http://lab-qa.org/english/login.php) and register as an institution member.
  • After registration, download the “registration form for institution”
  • Fill the form and stamp an official seal.
  • Send document as hardcopy to the Association Office.
  • Remit wire transfer payment (See the table below) to: Shin-Han Bank, Seoul, REPUBLIC of KOREA Quality Control Association Account Number: 100-011-885200 Send it with institution(hospital) name
  • When the registration is completed, confirmation e-mail is send to the institution.
  • Then, each committee sends external QC materials with instruction to the institution according to annual plan.

Annual Membership Fee-different according to the participating committees

Participating Fommittees Annual Fee
Basic Survey Program 1~5 KRW 600,000
6 KRW 800,000
7 KRW 1,000,000
8 KRW 1,200,000
9 KRW 1,400,000
10 KRW 1,600,000
Additional :
Accuracy Based Survey
Serum lipid & creatinine KRW 100,000
HbA1c KRW 100,000

E-mail: labqa@lab-qa.org
Seoul National University Hospital101 DAEHAK-RO JONGNO-GU, SEOUL 110-744, KOREA
Phone : 82-2-744-6841 / Fax : 82-2-745-6653