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2019   Vol. 41 Items: 1 - 7

1. Performance Evaluation of the Stat Profile pHOX Ultra Blood Gas Analyzer
이혜영, 안선영, 김현기, 이우창, 전사일, 민원기
2019.41(1) 47~49

2. Inter-Laboratory Comparison of Multi - Allergen - Specific Immunoglobulin E Screening Assay Using Polycheck Allergy Diagnostics
2019.41(1) 39~46

3. The Performance of the Agility System for Interferon Gamma Release Assay Using QuantiFERON TB Gold In-Tube Assay
석광혁, 신소연
2019.41(1) 29~38

4. Molecular Analysis of Eight American Type Culture Collection Gonococcal Strains by Neisseria gonorrhoeae Multiantigen Sequence Typing and PorB Sequence Typing
정유선, 한민제, 박지영, 강소라, 김인희, 박정아, 김재석
2019.41(1) 24~28

5. Accuracy-Based Proficiency Testing of Creatinine Measurement: 7 years' Experience in Korea

2019.41(1) 13~23

6. Performance of HemosIL ReadiPlasTin, a Liquid Reagent for Prothrombin Time Measurement
신새암, 정윤정, 송원근, 박민정
2019.41(1) 9~12

7. Annual Report of the Korean Association of External Quality Assessment Service on Routine Hematology(2018)
이영경, 김영민
2019.41(1) 1~8